Louis MartinezLouis Martinez

As part of the Around the World Production team, Louis Martinez has brought with him a wealth of personal and professional experience. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Louis received his BA in philosophy from Saint Mary's college and went on to receive his Masters in Public Policy and a Masters in Business. While enjoying a successful professional life, which included overseeing the store supplies for the U.S. Naval Fleet to being one of the top account executives for Wachovia Back in Southern California, Louis has never been far from travel and adventure. From taking medical supplies and aid to Eastern Europe after the fall of Communism to traveling the world solo for a year, Louis's combined professional and personal attributes has given him a unique international perspective on project management.

Louis has also been instrumental in the short form video media division and leads the sales team within the company. His business background and travel experience has been a perfect fit within Around the World Productions environment and he continues to be a integral part in the growth of the company.